2003: January, creation of the activity by the designer Harold Quinquis; first test very successful realised in collaboration with Michel BILLARD in La Baule bay (France) in front of prestigious witnesses such as François-Xavier Baley or Jean-Claude Driancourt.


2004: September, first show of Horse-Surfing in La Baule beach, on occasion of Derby Kitesurf, with the collaboration of Kirsty Jones, Richard Boudia, Benjamin English, Michel Billard and Regis Guignard.


2006: May, first show multi-horses crossing and first speed record established 48,2 Km/h at the International Jumping of La Baule. More than 3,000 spectators attended the show.


2011: January, partnership with Les Ecuries de l’Or Blanc (Guérande – France). Two horses, Colette and Joey, ridden by women riders, Julie Pezier and Jennifer Khoury permit to the best local surfers (Vincent Tiger Joneau Antoine François Cassou, Julien Legall, Marine Labourier …) to develop the sport in a more radical way. A first: establishing a springboard to jump very high and perform aerial spins.
Horse Surfing - 30 millions d'amis

« 30 millions d’amis » by Antoine Quinquis

2011: January, partnership with Morgane Boulaire, equine osteopath and rider. Development of the technical aspects of the harness and definition bases of a specific horse training for the discipline.


2011: October, shooting for the TV show 30 Millions d’Amis (France 3 television) >Watch video


2012: January, first exit traction equipment dedicated to the practice of Surfing Horse under Equisurf brand.


2012: October, shooting for France 3 Region (National broadcasting and in the program Tout le Sport) >Watch video.


2012: October, shooting for the television broadcasting Les Animaux de la 8 (D8 Television) >Watch video